Red Devils given salary cap evidence

Salford Red Devils have been served with the evidence that the RFL will use to support the governing body’s allegation that the club infringed the salary cap regulations in 2014 and 2015.

We understand that the club received the evidence from the RFL towards the end of last week, although no date has yet been set for a RFL tribunal hearing.

Salford Chairman Marwan Koukash admitted recently that he had been offered a range of dates for the hearing, but he had refused to agree to fix a date before receiving the evidence from the RFL.

Meanwhile Salford halfback Michael Dobson insists the players have to put the club’s off-field turbulence to the back of their minds, which is a sentiment shared by Devils boss Ian Watson.

Dobson, who is midway through a four-year deal with the club, says the players have to focus on what they can control – playing rugby.

“We’ve got to put it to the back of our minds,” Dobson said.

“If I’m being completely honest it hasn’t even been mentioned amongst the playing group, it’s up to the non-playing staff and the hierarchy to deal with that sort of stuff.

“We’re the ones who’ve got to keep our heads down and keep playing how we have done so far in these first six weeks. All that stuff will take care of itself, I’m sure.”

Dobson’s thoughts were echoed by Salford coach Watson, the man who has presided over a solid start for the club in 2016.

“We’ve tried to ignore it, and worry about what we can control,” Watson said.

“The rest we’ll leave to Marwan (Koukash, the club’s owner) and Tim (Sheens, the director of rugby) to deal with it when it comes up.

“Marwan was really good, he explained it to the boys. The guys are generally ignoring it, and as what we’re doing on the pitch is working our focus is on that.”