Reduced distribution for promoted club explained

The club ‘promoted’ to Super League will only received £1 million in central distribution, but at least nine clubs – Bradford, Featherstone, Halifax, Leigh, London, Newcastle, Rochdale, Toulouse and York – are all set to apply for Super League entry after the competition decided to invite a club to replace Toronto Wolfpack next year.

But the successful club will receive a lower level of central distribution compared to their eleven counterparts, with the figure around two-thirds of what the others will receive.

Super League clubs currently earn in the region of £1.8 million each in central funding, though Sky rebates, thought to be £266,000 per club, will see clubs receive approximately £1.5 million next season.

Last week the Super League clubs discussed what figure the promoted club should get and it was argued that they should receive a reduced sum due to their inactivity this year.

It was argued Championship and League 1 clubs have been able to make use of the furlough scheme as well as avoid the costs of testing and further spend, and therefore were not in a position to command additional funding.

Some clubs argued the promoted club should actually receive less than £1 million, though an agreement was eventually reached.

As the news emerged in the week, it resulted in the existing clubs being accused of greed and attempting to preserve their place in the competition.

However, the clubs applying to join Super League have confirmed to League Express that they are aware of the situation and what they’re signing up for.

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