Review: The new Rugby League 18 mobile game

Rugby League 18 is fun.

That’s all a game on your phone is meant to be, right?

They’re designed to be something to enjoy while you’re sat on a train or in the doctor’s waiting room and this game will certainly make time go by faster.

When a new Rugby League video game comes out, whether it’s on a games console or now a mobile as Rugby League 18 is, one always tends to compare it to their football counterparts.

However, in order to enjoy this and it’s console competitor, Rugby League Live 4, you have to forget about the more illustrious football games, and enjoy it for what it is: A bit of fun.

With fingertip control, a key aspect of this new game, movement, kicking and passing, the most important features of gameplay, are nailed by Distinctive Games, a Sheffield-based video game developer.

With simple controls that can be mastered in a matter of moments through some helpful tutorials, anyone can be charging through the line and scoring a well-worked try in minutes.

Through the exciting ‘Career Mode’ you can build your own players and take them from grassroots level, all the way to the top of the game. Your performances on the field earn you better attributes and, eventually, better contracts.

What makes this game interesting, if not a little frustrating at times, is the rather loose letter of the law by which the game is run:

One can be penalised for wasting time if your dummy half has to catch up with play. If he’s already there, then he can be tackled by a retreating offside defender before he has the chance to release his pass.

If he does get his pass away, then there’s only three or four metres between the pass receiver and the defensive line.

It’s almost as if the developers have created a new sport! But if it’s as half as good as Rugby League, then it’s worth the go.

There are a few glitches that need to be worked out. On more than one occasion while playing, the attacker was being tackled by every opposition defender but somehow managing to stay on his feet while the clock ticked on. Quite some feat of strength!

If you’re looking for an authentic Rugby League game that is accurate and proper then this probably isn’t the game for you. But if you want a game that represents Rugby League and is fun and engaging with good and simple controls, It’s well worth a flutter.

Rugby League 18 is out now on Apple iOS and Google Android costing £4.99. Note: Google Play version allows you to play a limited version of the game for free with the option to pay to unlock the full game.

Download Link for Apple App Store:
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