RFL insist Bradford Bulls will play in League 1 in 2018

The RFL’s Ralph Rimmer has insisted that Bradford Bulls WILL play in League 1 in 2018.

Conspiracy theories aplenty have raged following the Bulls’ relegation from the Championship that secret plans are afoot to keep Bradford in the second-tier next season.

However, Rimmer told TotalRL on Thursday night that the four-time Super League champions will be playing in League 1 next year.

“I’ve been fairly consistent on this – they will play in League 1 next year,” he said.

“And I would expect them to play in a League 1 and have a pretty full fixture list to use as a springboard going forward. Andrew (Chalmers, owner) has mentioned some of the pressures he’s had this year that none of us could have foreseen. Andrew has shown his commitment and weathered a storm which I don’t think he was bargaining for.”

Chalmers added: “As I’ve said before, based on where we finished in the table, we are planning on League 1. Everything is geared towards that in regards to the structures and so on, including player recruitment.”

Chalmers also revealed that no decision has been made on coach Geoff Toovey’s future – and nothing will be decided until next month at least, when Toovey returns to England.

He said: “I’ll talk about the coach as I think it’s going to be the the number one question on the agenda.

“What we’ve agreed with Geoff is that he’s having his scheduled break in Sydney. We’ll sit down and talk with him when he’s back, which is the first week of November.

“That coincides with the commencement of our pre-season beginning so we’ve said we’ll give him some time to think about it. A decision will be indicated shortly after he gets back.”