RFL launches inquiry into Hull Covid-19 outbreak

An investigation into the outbreak of Covid-19 at Hull FC is underway.

League Express understands the RFL has launched an inquiry after an outbreak of the virus ran rife through the Hull FC camp.

A total of 12 people, including nine players and three members of the club’s backroom staff, have now tested positive for the virus after further testing took place on Friday.

Initially, six players, five of who played in last week’s game with Salford, and two members of the coaching staff, tested positive.

An investigation is now underway to shed further light on how the virus could have entered the club, and whether there was any breach of guidelines from either the players or the club.

Speaking to BBC Humberside, Hull FC owner Adam Pearson said he believed the virus had been transmitted after a player went to hospital with his new-born child.

“That player went to the hospital and subsequently some members of his family could have been infected. He then came in on Saturday for some treatment with symptoms and was sent home,” said Pearson.

“He did a rehab session, or was about to start but was sent home, and I think it as probably gone from there to the physio and into the players on Saturday and Sunday morning. That’s not a scientific answer, it’s where I am looking at it as the most likely cause.”

He continued: “Some have very few symptoms, others are now starting to develop some form of symptoms. Luckily they are young and fit, so I’m sure they will come through, but it’s a difficult world.”

If that theory is proven to be true, there will still be questions asked as to why the player reported to the club while showing symptoms.

Salford, meanwhile, reported a second round of full negative results after undergoing additional testing on Saturday.

Eleven of their players have been forced to self-isolate for fourteen days as a result of the RFL’s track and trace system.

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