Rhinos pitch being aided by cannabis ‘factory’ lights!

Rugby League is well known for its unusual stories – but on the eve of Super League XX, this one will surely take some beating in 2015.

In a bid to ensure some of the worn areas of their pitch is spot on for the big Super League kick-off, Leeds Rhinos are using lighting equipment seized from a cannabis farm in the city.

The idea came from the Inner North West Neighbourhood Policing Team as part of a ‘swords to ploughshare’ scheme, which sees the lighting being put to efficient use, rather than simply being tossed into a skip.

PC Kevin Hussey, from that police team, said that it is win-win for them – not only are the lights being used in a correct manner, it saves them paying money to hire skips out to dispose of the lights.

“We already have an excellent relationship with Leeds Rhinos and they have worked with us on a number of community initiatives with schools and young people over the years.

“When I found that we could donate equipment seized from cannabis farms to local groups I discussed it with their head groundsman to see how we might be able to help them out.

“Previously we would have to pay to hire skips to dispose of all the equipment but this way we can save money and see something that criminals have been using in the illegal drugs trade put to a positive use in the local community.”