Richard Lamb discusses the finer details of his bid to take on Bradford

One of the men who has expressed an interest in reforming Bradford Bulls has answered a number of key questions about his bid to launch a new rugby league side in the city.

Richard Lamb, a London businessman who to League Express on Monday about his intention to launch a bid for the Bulls if they were liquidated, has confirmed to TotalRL that he is among the numerous parties who have submitted an expression of interest in the Championship club.

He has said he is “reasonably confident” he can put together the financial backing to help them through the forthcoming season, despite no income from season tickets sold to date and a severely-reduced central funding share from the RFL.

“I think so,” he revealed.

“I’m reasonably confident that myself and a couple of others can put in the financial support needed to cover any potential gaps that there are.

“That’s the key, from the budgets and numbers I’ve seen over the last few years the thing I’ve noticed is that it’s almost like everything has got to be incredible just to make the numbers. You’re busting your gut on hospitality and sponsorship, but we have to say right from the start that our playing budget will be X amount and no more.

“We cannot overspend or this club will be back where it was – but building the right budget is the biggest challenge. It has to be treated as a business.”

Lamb also revealed that for the “foreseeable future”, he would look to keep the Bulls at Odsal as part of his bid to assume control of any new club put together.

“I think for the foreseeable future you would want to stay at Odsal for two main reasons,” he said.

“One is that change is simply wrong at this moment in time, and the second thing is related to something I’ve seen in many sports.

“When the club that were known as London Wasps sold up then moved to Queens Park Rangers and then to Wycombe after that, you find that you get no money from so many things. Fans will spend £3 on a pint, and every single penny is going to the landlord, not the club.”

Lamb also confirmed to TotalRL that his intention would be to “likely” keep the Bulls as a full-time operation in the first year of their existence at the very least.