RLEF launches new podcast honouring leading figures

The RLEF has launched a new fortnightly podcast entitled, Talking European Rugby League, highlighting the contributions of founding figures and seeking the opinions of leading lights involved in the development of the sport across the northern hemisphere.

Graeme Thompson, former Scottish international player and on the boards of both the RLEF and and International Rugby League, will host the fortnightly editions, which are set to be released on a Thursday. The inaugural episode is with the RLEF’s first executive officer Kevin Rudd.

“We have felt for a very long time that, as an organization, we do not do enough to hear about and record for posterity, the unstinting efforts of a host of people who have been involved in establishing rugby league,” said Thompson. “The enforced lockdown due to coronavirus has given us the opportunity to begin that, and there are some fascinating characters who need to have their selfless contributions heard and have a number of wonderful anecdotes to share.”

Thompson added: “The sport is littered with those who have made immense sacrifices for the sport but who tend to go unheralded, and we aim to put that right. Kevin’s story of playing and then helping establish the game in so many new territories during his time with the RLEF is the perfect one to begin with. His legacy is still being felt.”

The initial episode can be found on these providers.