RLIF Confirms 2016 Update to Laws and Regulations

Rugby League International Federation Law and Regulation Changes for 2016.

The RLIF Board approved the following alteration to the laws of the game to be applied in all RLIF sanctioned games from January 1st 2016.


For all RLIF sanctioned games the number of interchanges allowed shall be reduced from 12 to 10.

The Board has also added a clause to the regulation concerning the eligibility of players for international selection. It clarifies the situation where a player was born in a state that no longer exists.


An additional clause has been added to the eligibility rules to recognise the situation concerning eligibility in States which no longer exist as follows:

3.14 A player will be considered eligible under Rule 3.1 (a) and (b) if the relevant qualifying country no longer exists as a sovereign state or political entity (the “State”). Where a qualifying birth certificate refers to a former State a player may nominate the country he wishes to represent from the federated entities that constituted that former State. Once a nomination of a country under Rule 3.13 is made, a player may not change the nomination to another entity of the State. A player eligible to play for more than one country is still entitled to change his country in accordance with Rule 3.3 but his new country cannot be a former entity of the State.

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