RLPA to have emergency meeting with APPRLG to try and secure Government funding to safeguard rugby league’s future

The head of the Rugby League Players Association will meet with MPs as early as this week to try and discuss the possibility of securing Government funding to preserve rugby league’s future.

Many within the sport fear a prolonged postponement of the league season could lead to grave consequences – with even talk about clubs potentially going out of business if the spread of coronavirus continues.

And Garreth Carvell told TotalRL he will lobby for an emergency meeting to try and ensure rugby league gets much-needed funds from the very top.

“That’s pretty much what we’re after,” he said.

“It would be to give some crucial support, I don’t know what will be available and what help we could get. It might be that a few grounds are council-owned and rents are deferred on those. Ultimately what we want to do happen is to try and help the players out.”

Carvell also admitted he may have to advise players to take small pay cuts for long-term financial security.

“Nothing is off the table,” he said. “I’m pre-empting several scenarios. As a former player and a bit of a socialist, a bit left-wing.. I wouldn’t hesitate, but I know some players have a short career and once you sign something, you want it no questions asked.

“There obviously could be a cashflow problem. It might be a case of negotiating deferred payments, or doing other things that would allow clubs to survive, but the key to doing that is to be totally transparent and start straight away. Let us speak to the players straight away and let the clubs know we’ve got their best interests at heart.”