Burrow keen for actions to do the talking

Rob Burrow admits that it’s time for Leeds to put up or shut up ahead of tonight’s clash with St Helens.

The Rhinos have been way off the pace this year and are currently tenth in the league with just one victory to their name.

With a siege of first-team players returning to the squad now, Burrow insists no excuses can be made.

“We’ve got to address it,” he said.

“We keep getting interviewed and saying it’s time to put things right but it’s time to stop talking and deliver with our actions on the pitch.

“We’ve lost more than our fair share already and we need to address things immediately, and that starts for us on Friday night against St Helens in another huge game.

“There’s no better place to come and play than Headingley, and the games with St Helens are usually great here. We need no incentive to perform anyway but against Saints at Headingley is a fantastic prospect – if that doesn’t give us motivation, nothing will. We need to be at our best because they’ve got quality all over the park.”

Despite not wanting to use injuries as an excuse, Burrow did admit it was a relief to have the likes of Danny McGuire back in the squad.

“There’s no doubt that everyone being fit would have a massive boost for our team, but it is what it is. We haven’t had some players in recent weeks but I feel the squad is still good enough to be winning games. The fact those guys are coming back now can only be a positive for the guys.

“Easter’s always a busy schedule every year but for us it’s come at a good time, to get some wins and some performances hopefully. We can get some continuity going and keep rolling and get some bodies back, get some flow in the team and get some points.”