Robinson bemoans ‘mental block’ as Huddersfield come up short again

Huddersfield’s interim head coach Luke Robinson believes the squad has a mental block after losing another narrow game.

The Giants went down 18-14 to Wakefield, a third straight defeat.

Four of Huddersfield’s previous five defeats have all been by a margin of eight or less.

And Robinson believes the Giants are lacking in the pressure moments.

“I just think there’s been that many narrow losses now I think it’s a mental block,” he said.

“I just feel like when the heat is on and the game is in the balance I can see the doubt a little bit.

“It’s my job, the rest of the staff’s job and it’s the players, they have to take some accountability, and we’ve to figure out when we do go into those moments how we do come away with the victory rather than the narrow losses.

“We don’t build pressure, we defended really gallantly on our own lad. I said to the lads that pressure hurts but sustained pressure kills and we just put ourselves under too much pressure with our yardage and giving penalties away.”