Rochdale Mayfield Bag First CMS Medical Prize

Following BARLA’s agreed a sponsorship deal with CMS Medical Supplies Limited, Rochdale Mayfield came out winners in the first draw, collecting a medical bag and supplies for use during their games this forthcoming season. BARLA Board of Management members, Phil Bradbury and Anita Halliwell, attended the club earlier this week, to present the bag and contents to Rochdale Mayfield’s Emma Patterson.

“We hope also to explore avenues with CMS Medical Supplies to benefit the amateur game,” commented BARLA Chair, Sue Taylor, “but this is the first step; part of the BARLA Membership Scheme, which you have to be in to win. Part also, of the initial agreement, is that all clubs who sign up to it will be eligible for 10% discount on all CMS medical supplies.

“Our next draw will take place on Saturday 1st April, so we wish the best of luck to all clubs who are already in. And we are all searching for more deals to benefit those clubs.”

Established in 1990, CMS Medical Supplies Ltd are based in Featherstone, Yorkshire. The company specialises in supplying medical equipment (first aid kits, wound care -wipes and plasters etc) to companies and organisations, stocking both the generic, statutory type, and also more specialised first aid kits and items, designed to suit specific industries and specialisations.

Clubs can find full details by visiting the BARLA website at the clicking on the CMS logo which will bring up their CMS website. Or you can type into your browser.

The same details can also be found via the BARLA Facebook page.