Rohan Smith outlines passionate fine stance as Leeds Rhinos boss speaks out on Sam Lisone ban

LEEDS RHINOS head coach Rohan Smith has outlined his passionate stance on the number of fines being handed out to Super League players.

More fines – and fewer bans – were to be expected ahead of the 2023 Super League season as a way of still punishing players but keeping stars on the field.

However, in 2024 so far, both fines and bans have been given to players – including Sam Lisone’s ‘harsh’ three-match ban and £250 fine – something which is confused about.

“My understanding with the fine system was that it was a good way of reprimanding when needed but without missing a game,” Smith said.

“I fully believe in that and would be happy for players to get fines and not miss games. But at times they are getting fines and a game.

“We’ve decided to contest the grading of Sam Lisone’s tackle. We feel it’s at the harsher end of the grading scale for a tackle that was deemed low force.

“We felt both gradings, James Donaldson too, were on the harsher end, but we also understand where the game is going and the importance of not making contact with the head.”

Smith believes that a players’ meeting with the governing body can only be a good thing for the sport.

“I don’t know much about the players’ meeting with the RFL or what it hopes to achieve but, looking from the outside, it seems like a way for players to have a voice and be asked for their opinion.

“It’s good to see the RFL and players working together. It’s a step forward and I’m not sure they’ve been asked for their thoughts before.”

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