Rovers Chairman unhappy with EGM vote

Featherstone Rovers Chairman Mark Campbell has expressed his extreme disappointment with the outcome of today’s Rugby Football League EGM after 68 per cent of the votes in a secret ballot supported a move away from the current Super8s structure.

Campbell said: “I’m baffled that nine Championship and League 1 clubs appear to have turned back on how they said they would vote.

“It seems bizarre that some of those clubs may not even be around when the structure changes come into place.

“There are some clear winners from this outcome, if you look at where certain teams are placed in relation to the promotion and relegation spots.

“It makes me really disappointed that we didn’t have an open vote and I expressed that vocally in advance.”

Campbell went on to outline his thoughts on how the club and the game should move forward now the result has been determined.

He said: “It’s a time for us to pull together as a club and deal with this new structure.

“In all honesty, this has been less about the structure itself, and more about the change in power from the RFL to Super League.

“That makes me very concerned going forward and you’ve got to think, if we’re cutting costs, then why should we have two Chief Executives?

“If Super League are going to run the show then do we really need to pay another salary?”

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