Rowley refusing to underestimate Siddal in Toronto debut

Toronto Wolfpack coach Paul Rowley has promised that his star-studded team will not underestimate amateur side Siddal in the club’s first-ever competitive fixture on Saturday – saying it is vital the game celebrates teams like the NCL champions.

The Wolfpack enter the Challenge Cup for the first time on Saturday as they face the team widely perceived to be the best outside of the professional structure, Gareth Greenwood’s Halifax-based Siddal.

And Rowley told a press conference on Wednesday that he will not simply expect to turn up and beat the NCL heavyweights.

He said: “It’s our first game, so by the very nature of that, there is a seriousness for ourselves. Then you throw in the fact that it would be neglectful to not have a good look at what Siddal can produce.

“They have been perennial high achievers. They beat Leigh Miners with a considerable scoreline which is no mean feat given the personnel they’ve got. There’s a lot of experience, a lot of quality and we respect them thoroughly.

“It’s going to be a tough encounter. It’s probably fate as well. We’ve said from the start we want to earn our stripes and we’re trying to go about our business trying to make friends with everybody. Without clubs like Siddal there is no game and we want to celebrate how important they are. The amount of players that have come through this club is ridiculous.”

However, Rowley admitted he is looking forward to seeing what his side are capable of as they take to the field in a competitive fixture for the first time since their formation.

“We’re looking forward to it, we’re very well prepared and we’ll put our best foot forward,” he said.

“We’ve highlighted ourselves, it’s a new club, I guess the key word is potential with where we could be. There’s a lot of interest and a lot of questions asked. We’ve got questions of ourselves and Saturday will answer of few of those. It’s an important part of our history.”