Rowley rules out favourites tag as Toronto head to Barrow

Paul Rowley has laughed off the suggestion that his side are now Championship favourites ahead of their clash with Barrow.

Last week’s impressive win over Leigh Centurions made many sit up and take notice, despite some writing off the Wolfpack before the season.

Victory over the red-hot favourites has left some suggesting the Wolfpack are favourites for the title, however, Rowley dismissed the suggestion, insisting bigger challenges await.

“I think it’s a bit silly after one round and I think the favourites will change from one week to the next.

“Without trying to shift the pressure on anyone here, Featherstone and Halifax have really strong teams and are being provided some high-quality players from their dual-reg partnerships. Toulouse and London have a lot of talent at their disposal and are full-time clubs and then there is Leigh who are going to improve, have a stronger squad than last year and are still the red-hot favourites.

“We had a really good start but there are a lot more challenges to come and we will be tested really hard throughout the year with a number of difficulties that we will have to overcome.”

Their latest hurdle to jump comes in the shape of a familiar foe.

Toronto battled it out with Barrow at the top of League 1 for the entirety of 2017, and Rowley believes his side is in for a difficult afternoon.

“It will be a very similar game in one way as it’s going to be very aggressive, perhaps even more so than last week,” he said.

“We know a lot about them after last year and they’ll be more than motivated for the match. We didn’t have the pleasure of visiting Craven Park last year, I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to it, as it’s going to be a difficult place to go and having seen some pictures it’s going to be a mud bath, a bit like Siddal and Whitehaven last year. It will be more like a pig fight.”