Rowley says joining Wolfpack was a “no-brainer”

Toronto Wolfpack coach Paul Rowley says the opportunity to join the new League One team as head coach was a “no-brainer” for him.

Rowley is part of the new-look setup for the Canadian team, with Brian Noble also getting on board as director of rugby.

And, speaking via video link at the launch on Wednesday, Rowley told reporters that he has the utmost belief in the project, and he’s got a huge amount of passion about what is being launched.

“I’ve known Eric for five years and supported him from the background,” he said.

“I believe in Canada and what Eric’s dream was for the sport. If you come here you’ll see the enthusiastic population and they’ve not had full exposure to rugby league yet.

“I just sensed an opportunity, I like an adventure and like to build from the base and like to shape my own future. Life is for living and I think it’s exciting. With Brian Noble involved too and the thought of he and I in a venture like this in such a great city – how often do these opportunities come along? It’s a no-brainer for me really.”

The Wolfpack will pay for travelling teams to come over, and when asked about players’ expenses due to part-time players needing time off from work, Rowley said he believes the opportunity of an all-expenses-paid trip will be a lure.

“Away teams will travel out and part-time players will need time off work but I don’t think too many players will be bothered about an all-expenses-paid trip to play in front of 7,000 supporters who will embrace them,” he said.

“We walked out of our hotel last night and there was the Raptors playing, the Blue Jays were playing at the other side and you need to be here to experience it. I don’t think we’ll get too many people turning their noses up at this opportunity. It’s an exciting adventure.”