Rugby League Challenge Cup – 20 Questions

If you are heading to the Challenge Cup Final at Wembley, or even if you aren’t, why not see whether you can answer these 20 questions about the Challenge Cup, including questions about both St Helens and Warrington, and about key moments in the history of the Challenge Cup.

And here’s a hint. If you had a copy of this week’s League Express you will be able to find all the answers on our Challenge Cup Final preview that featured on pages 20 and 21 of the newspaper.

So let’s get cracking!

1 When St Helens and Warrington both made their first appearance in the Challenge Cup Final, they were both beaten by the same club. Which club was it?

2 Before Prince Harry, who was the last member of the Royal Family to present the Challenge Cup and in what year?

3 In what year did HM The Queen last present the Challenge Cup?

4 Prior to this year’s Cup Final, how many successive wins have St Helens over Warrington in the Challenge Cup?

5 When was the last time Warrington defeated St Helens in the Challenge Cup?

6 Who is the only member of the current Warrington squad who played in their 30-6 Challenge Cup Final victory over Leeds Rhinos in 2010?

7 Which English county does Warrington forward Matt Davis originally come from?

8 Which country did St Helens star Kevin Naiqama captain in the World Cup?

9 How many players have Warrington used so far in their Challenge Cup campaign?

10 How many St Helens players have played in every round of this season’s Challenge Cup campaign?

11 What record did St Helens create when they won the Challenge Cup in 1996?

12 What were Warrington the first club to do in the Challenge Cup in 1954?

13 Who was the last player to be sent to the sinbin in a Challenge Cup Final and in what year?

14 Who was the last player to be sent off in a Challenge Cup Final and in what year?

15 Who was the youngest player to win the Lance Todd Trophy and in what year?

16 Who was the first player to win the Lance Todd Trophy after playing for a losing side in the final?

17 Who was the oldest player to appear in a Challenge Cup Final and in what year?

18 Which player has made the most Challenge Cup Final appearances? How many?

19 Which player scored five tries at Wembley and when did he do it?

20 Which team scored the most points at Wembley and in which year?

Use the hashtag #TRLChallengeCupQuiz if you want to share your answers with other fans on the way to Wembley.