Rugby league considering increasing points awarded for a drop-goal from 2018

League Express has uncovered secret plans which involve rugby league introducing a groundbreaking change to the rules next year – upping the points awarded for a drop-goal to two.

The one-pointer has played a crucial role in rugby league’s history all across the world – most recently in this country concerning Salford, who secured their Super League survival last year thanks to a drop-goal from Gareth O’Brien.

NRL titles have been won with them, championships and cups decided on them and more – but from 2018, it has emerged secret meetings have taken place to change the amount of points awarded from one to two – potentially turning the game on its head.

Crucially, it’s also been learned that despite raising the number of points for a drop-goal from one to two, there are no plans to increase the points for penalties or conversions.

It’s understood preliminary discussions have taken place with a view to bringing in the changes in all worldwide competitions from April 2018.

TotalRL and League Express have asked for a statement from any of the relevant governing bodies across the world, and were eventually contacted by a spokesman, Joe Keane, who said: “It is normal for rugby league to try and innovate. Only a fool would think it is wise to stand still without considering alternative options. We will not comment any further.”

But one unnamed fan replied to us: “The only fools here are the supporters who have to put up with these ideas.”