Rugby League World: “I had opportunities to leave” – McGillvary

Jermaine McGillvary has revealed he’s been the subject of “loads” of offers from both the NRL and rival Super League teams in his time with Huddersfield Giants.

McGillvary has spent his entire professional career with his home-town club and with his son excelling in Manchester City’s academy, the time was never right for the winger to uproot his family and move either to the other side of the country or the other side of the world.

“I’ve had opportunities to leave,” said McGillvary, in an interview with Rugby League World magazine.

“I’ve met with clubs and spoken with clubs. It’s over the Pennines and would have to move there. I’ve got kids and a house, it was stressful for me to do that so I’ve always stayed put.

“Huddersfield have looked after me, when I’ve been tempted to move, they’ve always given me good packages which have looked after me financially and they’ve always signed me up long-term. I have to thank Ken Davy and his late wife Jennifer for that.

“When you’ve got a son who is doing fantastically well, for the sake of two or three years of my career, to sacrifice his would be pretty selfish of me.

“We’re seeing the benefits now, he’s signed up and doing extremely well. He’s been abroad more times than I have in my life, been to destinations that I’ve never been to. My decision is validated.

“The reason I’m still playing is for my children. It’s not that I absolutely love the game, it’s so they have a good future.

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