Brierley hits back after Leigh suspension

Ryan Brierley has spoken for the first time since being suspended by Leigh Centurions, and has denied the claims made by the club.

The Centurions dramatically revealed that Brierley was forbidden from going near the club after it was leaked that he had activated a four-week release clause in his contract. Leigh went on to claim Brierley had said he had been offered a deal by Championship rivals Bradford Bulls but would stay if he was offered an improved deal.


However, Brierley has hit back at his former employers, and claimed the accusations are incorrect.

“Firstly I’d like to thank the Leigh fans for the patience and support they have given me in this situation,” he told TotalRL.

“I’ve kept my silence out of respect of the club’s supporters and my team-mates, as I thought that was the most professional way to deal with it – and I hoped Leigh would also handle the situation in a classy, professional fashion.

“I was totally distraught and heartbroken to hear the news that I had been suspended from the club over Twitter.

“In regards to the statement the club released about me, I can categorically state that I never approached Neil Jukes and asked for more money, and not once did I mention another club.

“From day one of Neil Jukes taking the head coach role, I was hugely supportive of him.

“So I’m deeply disappointed that the club stated that Neil Jukes delivered such false accusations of me after the great service I have given them.

“I’ve never been motivated by money, and my professionalism and integrity is something I pride myself on so I would never let that be questioned, and I certainly will not have people lie about me.”

He continued: “I will not give in-depth reasons as to why I gave my month’s notice at the club, but I have not spoken to any other club and I could potentially be without a job on April 1st.

“I fully intended to see out my contract with Leigh Centurions, but there’s certain things I don’t agree with at the club and that’s for everyone to make their own mind up on.

“But my professionalism, dignity and respect for my career will always takes precedence.

“I have given my all for Leigh on and off the field – I’ve done promos off my own back and sacrificed time away from my family to give back to this club as it is truly what the fans deserve.

“I’m still a contracted Leigh Centurions player, and I will be fully supportive of my team-mates as I class them as my close friends, and wish them all the best from the bottom of my heart. I would like to thank my team-mates for the messages of support I’ve received from them.

“This has been a hugely stressful situation for me and I don’t mind saying it’s led to some sleepless nights, but I wanted to put my side of the story across.

“I’d also like to thank Craig Harrison, my agent, for all the strength and support he’s given to me at this time. I’d like to offer my thanks to RFL for their support too.”