Saints are not unbeatable, stresses Sam Tomkins

Wigan Warriors fullback Sam Tomkins has insisted that despite their recent good form, St Helens are not unbeatable.

The Saints have won their last seven games in the league – including victory at the DW Stadium last month – and will aim to make it eight tonight in what could be the final meeting between the sport’s two big rivals this year.

But Tomkins told Wigan Today that whilst they’ve been playing well of late, Wigan have “nothing to worry about” when it comes to the challenge of the Saints tonight.

“They have a lot of momentum and they’ve had some good games, but they’re certainly not unbeatable.

“We’ve nothing to worry about really with Saints. They’re a good side – there are a number of good sides – but nothing more than that.

“They’ve got some good players and they’ve got some average players, like every other team. We’ll be looking to exploit their weaknesses, and they certainly have got some.”