Salford have lost their identity, claims Harris

Former Salford head coach Iestyn Harris believes the club’s move to the AJ Bell Stadium has cost them their identity.

The Red Devils moved from their infamous Willows ground in 2012, moving to their current £26 million home that is located near the Trafford Centre.

Salford had previously played at the Willows for 110 years before relocating to their new ground seven miles away.

“Growing up and playing against Salford for many years, they were always a passionate club,” Harris told Rugby League Extra.

“I think what’s been a big struggle for them is the move to a new stadium.

“Part of what was symbolic with Salford whenever I went there was the stadium – although it was creaking, it still had that home feel about it and you’re in Salford.

“I’m not sure the new stadium has got that and I’m not sure that Salford, as a club, have quite got the identity which they probably had 10 years ago.

“It’s whether they can recapture that identity of what Salford was, because the fans are fantastic.

“If they can capture that identity again, I think that’s how they can improve.”