Sandow says he “should have been a man” over Warrington exit

Former Warrington Wolves scrum-half Chris Sandow has admitted he “should have been a man” over his tumultous exit from the club.

The Wolves confirmed earlier this week that the half-back had decided not to return to England – but the club were retaining his contract after insisting he was in “clear breach of contract”.

It is unclear whether Sandow will play on in the NRL in 2017, but he admitted to Fox Sports that he should have handled his departure from the club better: although he did say that his family were the main reason he decided to stay in Australia rather than go back to Warrington.

“I should have been a man about it and explained to them what was happening,” Sandow said.

“I’m from an Aboriginal community and communication isn’t something that always comes natural to me.

“I’m not a big communicator in the video sessions and I let my football do the talking on the paddock.

“I went over there at the back end of last year and it’s a good club to go to. But it’s hard to go back knowing what I’ve got here in Australia and that’s family.

“They’re number one. Family is the most important thing to me and that’s why I made the decision not to go back to England.”

Sandow has been linked with a number of clubs in the NRL since leaving the Wolves.