HAVE YOUR SAY: Your big wish for Rugby League in 2018

In a new series for 2018, we’ll be asking you – our readers – to contribute and have your say on the biggest debates in the sport throughout the upcoming season.

And as 2018 is now upon us, we’re starting with your New Year’s wish for the sport over the next 12 months. It could be an on-field wish, a wish for the development of the sport or something completely different. Here’s what you had to say!

Kathryn kicks us off this week – she’s keen for the sport to enhance its media profile:

Meanwhile, Jason agrees with Kathryn in part – he wants to see a TV deal sorted for League 1 and the Championship to get some regular exposure for those leagues:

Anna was clearly heartened by the emergence of some top young talent in 2017 – and she wants to see more of the same in 2018:

A very popular opinion, this one; Trevor is keen to see the end of Thursday night rugby.. although we think it’s here to stay for a while yet:

Ryan wants some new names to break their way into the England setup to increase the competition and build on 2017’s success at the World Cup:

Chris echoes Trevor’s thoughts on Thursday night rugby:

While Phil is hopeful that there can be changes to the refereeing department..

Some brilliant responses this week from our readers and our community. What’s your big wish for the sport in 2018? Tweet us @LeagueExpress and let us know..