SBW has no issue with pay cut

Sonny Bill Williams says he would have no issue taking a pay cut should Toronto or the sport implement that action.

Toronto’s Kiwi megastar says it would be foolish of any athlete to think the prospect of a wage reduction wasn’t realistic.

Speaking to Sky Sports, SBW said when asked how if he’d be OK taking a pay cut: “100%. I would be that way inclined.

“I think it would be ridiculous to think that in the circumstances that we’ve found ourselves in, to keep the game going in whatever sporting field we’re in that we wouldn’t have to take that pay cut.

“It gives me a lot of gratitude that there are the young fellas coming through living paycheck to paycheck, they would really struggle, and then in society, the single mother, the single father, the people living paycheck to paycheck, the homeless. It’s a tough time we find ourselves in. I consider myself in a really privileged position. In terms of sport it’s crazy to think some teams and organisations might not make it through.”