Scotland Club X111 confirms side for Scotland Students clash

The line-up has been announced for Scotland Club X111’s first match of the summer, against Scotland Students tomorrow (Sunday 8 July 2018).

The squad will be without any players from Edinburgh Eagles, who are involved in North East Cup action today.

Scotland Club X111’s team is: Matt Byres (Glasgow), David Garden (Bon Accord Bulls), Nick Thorburn (Glasgow), Mike Kelly (Bon Accord Bulls), Chris Smith (Glasgow), James McLaren (Glasgow), Lucas Henderson (Glasgow), Kevin Franco (Strathmore Silverbacks), Callum Parsons (Strathmore Silverbacks), Daniel Broderick (Glasgow), Cameron Robertson (Aberdeen Warriors), Craig Lawson (Strathmore Silverbacks), James Beckett (Glasgow). Subs: Lee Robertson (Strathmore Silverbacks), Matt Stanhope-Smith (Glasgow), Kyle Ross (Glasgow), David Thompson (Glasgow).

The game, which is being played at the Jack Kane Centre, Edinburgh, will be followed by a fixture with Scotland Under 19s and further matches with other nations.