Sean Long to coach Broncos if they survive

Former St Helens star Sean Long has held talks with London Broncos about becoming their coach for next season if the club can secure its future.

Long, 37, who made 15 Great Britain appearances, has held talks with current coach Tony Rea, who many believe will take over a managerial role at the club if it stays afloat and its current chief executive Gus Mackay departs, as seems likely.

“I got a call off Tony last week and he asked me if I’d be interested,” Long told League Express.

“Obviously I said yes. I then had an interview with him and attended two training sessions last week. I’m actually going back there to coach the boys this week.

“They are all really good lads. There are not many of them, only about eleven at the moment, but they are all really keen and they’re a great bunch of lads.”

When asked to comment on the future of the club, Long said: “I think we are 95 per cent sure we are going to get through.

“We’re hoping to join with Barnet football club, moving from south-west to north London. Hopefully that will go through in the next couple of days.

“I don’t think Tony would have got me down, to be fair, if he wasn’t certain of the future. I think it is a good sign they’ve got me down. Hopefully we’ll get the nod this week and I’ll start looking for somewhere to live.”

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