Season switch on the cards in North West

CLUBS in the North West Youth U16-U18 League will convene on Wednesday 12 September to debate a number of options relating to the timing and duration of the playing season.

The league, concerned by the number of fixtures not going ahead, recently asked clubs to offer proposals and Chairman Darren Hayes said: “Twenty-two of the 27 clubs have responded, which has prompted a special general meeting.”

The proposals are:

Option 1: A playing season spanning October to the end of May, with a break during December and January, with cup games taking place in April and May. Optional Nines festivals would be held during June and July.

Option 2: A playing season spanning September to the end of May, with a break in December and January (other than for National Cup ties).

Option 3: Retain the current February-September playing season.

It is envisaged that both Options 1 and 2 would “capture those teams who pull players from rugby union or other sports.”