Second Canadian club to join RFL league

Eric Perez, the mastermind behind the Toronto Wolfpack, has confirmed a new Canadian club will be launched in the next six months and will enter Kingston Press League 1.

The stunning revelation comes as a major boost to the sport in North America, with a second franchise set to compete with Toronto Wolfpack following their promotion to the Championship.

Speaking to Sportsnet, Perez confirmed that a new team would be launched in Canada to enter the British League structure.

Perez said: “A second Canadian team will be announced within six months to join the league on the back of the success of the Wolfpack. They’ll be in Kingstone Press League 1.”

The inception of Toronto was initially ridiculed by large sections of the British game, however the Wolfpack averaged over 7,000 fans during their first season and attracted 7,972 for their most recent match with Barrow Raiders.