Sheens insists he’s not picking the team at Salford

Salford director of rugby Tim Sheens has insisted he is not picking the team at the club despite the continued absence of Iestyn Harris.

Harris is still on sick leave according to the club, with assistant Ian Watson in charge in the interim as Salford head towards the Super 8s.

But Sheens has said although he’s throwing ideas and advice into the mix for Watson and his team, he is not involved in team selection in any way, shape or form.

“Ian is doing a great job, with Martin Gleeson, and I’m assisting the same way I helped Iestyn earlier in the year,” Sheens said.

“I’m not telling them what to do. I’m advising them and giving them some ideas. I’m certainly not selecting the team.

“I’m here to observe the whole club – that’s my main role. I help the coaching staff and also the administration and make recommendations to Marwan about how we’re going to get better for next season and the seasons to come.”