Sheens optimistic for Salford future

Australia national team coach Tim Sheens believes that there’s no reason why Salford can’t have a good season in Super League this year, and says they aren’t far behind the top teams in the division.

The Red Devils have not lost since Sheens arrived to help out the club several weeks ago, including coach Iestyn Harris and owner Marwan Koukash, a friend of Sheens’.

And Sheens himself admits that Koukash has a stronger Salford than he ever seems to have had before, and told Super League TV that whilst they may have to be patient – just as South Sydney Rabbitohs were – they aren’t too far behind leading clubs.

“Marwan has got drive and finances which is a big start. The club have got facilities too which is another start,” he said.

“They can’t afford too many key injuries at a club like Salford, but Marwan has got a stronger club than he ever seems to have had before. That means injuries can be solved a little, and they’re working hard on fitness and things like that.

“There’s every reason that Salford can have a good season, but there’s a long way to go. Souths took years to get to where they are now, eight years. It does take time, it doesn’t happen overnight.

“A number of clubs aren’t far behind the top clubs, and Salford are one of them.”