Sheens sombre after injuries mar Rovers victory

Hull KR Head Coach Tim Sheens admits his side’s victory over Halifax on Sunday almost feels like a defeat after their second-half showing and the injuries his side sustained.

“We got the win and that was important but it feels like a defeat in the changing rooms, given how we finished in the second half and more importantly the injuries.

“Justin (Carney) has a similar ankle injury to the one he had earlier in the season that ruled him out for some weeks. It’s not quite as bad, but I don’t think he’ll be back. Maybe he has an outside chance for the final game of the season, but we’ll wait and see how it settles down.

“With Adam (Quinlan), we suspect an ACLs If it is, then that’ll be him for the season and probably half of next year too. The lads are very sombre and feeling the pain for Quinny, who’s a great bloke and a big player for us this season. He’s been a rock at the back.

“We’ll get Adam checked out and there’s always the outside chance that it’s something else, but our medical team think it’s an ACL.

“It means we’re going to have to reinvent ourselves for the last month of the season and find somebody to play fullback. We’ve got a few options but we’ll make a decision on Tuesday and go from there.”