Sickening cheap shot overshadows Amateur Cup Final

This is the moment an amateur rugby league player produced a horrific king hit on an unsuspecting opponent.

Chorley Panthers’ North West Men’s League Division 2 victory over Langworthy Reds was overshadowed by a disgusting incident in the second-half of the match.

The match official had called over a player from both teams after a confrontation, which you can see at 1h:15 on the video.

However, the Langworthy number 3, who had been struck moments earlier, decided to get his own back and knocked the opponent to the ground with a cowardly sucker punch while his back was turned.

The punch left the Chorley player on the floor and in need of treatment, with players from both teams checking on him while the rest got involved in another confrontation.

The Chorley player returned to his feet and was sent off following his actions prior to being hit.