Sims follows in sister’s footsteps

Korbin Sims
Korbin Sims

FIJIAN brothers Ashton, Tariq and Korbin Sims are hoping that it’s their family name that is remembered from the World Cup rather than that of any other set of brothers involved. And the youngest of that trio, Korbin, made a good start with an impressive display in the pre-tournament warm-up against Rochdale including a genuine hat-trick in the opening ten minutes.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever scored a hat trick and I’m pretty happy about that,” said Sims.
“It was a tough game, the boys got through it fine and with one or two minor details touched up we’ll be fine to go next Monday.”
Sims’ second try – when Rochdale’s Benji Lloyd lost the ball over the line was contentious in some of the Hornets players’ eyes but Sims played to the whistle and that policy could be key in tight matches.
“We were caught offguard a couple of times when we thought that we were held but the referee said play on and when the World Cup comes the ref is the boss out there and you have to play to his whistle. I reckon that we’ll go well.”
For Sims, the youngest of five siblings it is his first trip to England.
“It’s been exciting so far, we have been here nearly a week and the weather has been kind to us – fingers crossed it stays like that.”
Born in New South Wales to a Fijian mother the Sims brother have already had a report back from older sister Ruan Sims, a member of Australia’s Womens team in this summer’s Festival of World Cups.
“I’m the youngest of three brothers and of five siblings so I know what it’s like to be last on the list, Ruan plays both Rugby League and union for Australia and represented her country in the World Cup in the summer which was very exciting.
“We supported her as a family when she was over here and I know that we will have their support from home to get us through. I can’ thank my mother and father enough for the support they give us all as youngsters.”