Sinfield still confident of World Cup success

England remain on track to fulfil their goal of winning all three World Cups in 2021, according to Kevin Sinfield, after the men’s, women’s and wheelchair sides all discovered their fate in the group stages of next year’s tournament last week.

The England men’s side will face France, Greece and Samoa in 2021, with an opener against the Samoans at St James’ Park in Newcastle on 23 October.

The women will take on Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Canada, while the wheelchair team face Australia, Spain and Norway.

And Sinfield, the head of the England Performance Unit, stressed that despite an indifferent year in 2019, the desire and belief that England can win all three of those tournaments has not wavered.

“I believe this will be the biggest and best tournament the world has ever seen in our sport,” he said.

“With how close the men’s team were in 2017, I do feel we are on the right track. I know some people will be doubting where we are because of the Great Britain series, but we have a robust plan to take us forward and I suppose we’ll see what falls out in the next couple of weeks.

“The improvement, determination and commitment from our women’s and wheelchair teams has been incredible, and I’m delighted to see their groups today.

“It’s really exciting for our country to see and face nations like Brazil, Greece, Canada, Norway and Spain. They’re all new to Rugby League but it helps us to entice more people to pick rugby balls up.”

Sinfield continued: “I believe we are getting closer. I have no doubt that some of you don’t believe as much as I do, due to the Great Britain series and the results don’t show a true reflection of where we’re at.

“I do understand, but I believe that all three teams will leave a huge mark on the tournament in two years’ time.”