Sitaleki Akauola’s ball carry technique reviewed

Wakefield Trinity coach Chris Chester has urged officials to take a close look at Sitaleki Akauola’s carry technique.

The Wolves forward has been involved in a number of incidents this season that have seen defenders injured.

Scott Taylor was memorably concussed after a fierce collision, while Trinity debutant Titus Gwaze was knocked out on Friday.

Wakefield centre Reece Lyne was seen remonstrating with the officials after going into contact with the forward too.

Akauola tends to lead with his shoulder, which is legal according to the current laws of the game.

But Chester revealed it has been discussed among clubs, and believes a change could be needed.

“It got brought up at the laws committee a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

“You can get done for shoulder charging without the ball, but a player is allowed to lead with his opposite shoulder into a tackle.

“I referenced the Scott Taylor incident, where there was some contact with the head. There were only me, Paul Cullen and the rest of the guys in there. I think Kris Radlinski made the same point about it.

“I think a couple of their players had been knocked out because of it and it’s certainly something we probably need to look at.

“You can get done for a shoulder charge without the ball, but it’s okay to shoulder charge with the ball. It’s a difficult one, isn’t it?

“There’s no law to say you can’t turn your shoulder as you go into the tackle, but it has been discussed and there’s been quite a few guys that have been concussed, knocked out or taken off with a head knock after those types of carries.”