Skolars dispute RFL Disciplinary finding

London Skolars coach Jermaine Coleman has confirmed that his club is unhappy about the RFL Disciplinary Panel’s decision to find Barrow’s Carl Forster not guilty of an incident in the Challenge Cup game between the two sides, and it is considering taking further action.
Forster was hit with a Grade D charge for ‘Other Contrary Behaviour’ for a tackle on Mike Greenhalgh.
“Mike has made an allegation about a tackle, but the information that has come back has effectively made him out to be a liar,” said Coleman.
“It is very clear on the video that Carl’s hand is in the wrong position in between Mike’s legs for too long – a good five to ten seconds. Mike has said that something has happened, but the Disciplinary Panel has turned around and said it is a complete fabrication.
“The incident was raised with the referee in the game and placed on report. It is clearly seen on the video, but they said that the reason Forster was found not guilty was that our player had not signed his statement. The statement had been given over the phone to the people in our office, who then sent it on. But because he didn’t sign it, they have essentially said it’s a fabrication.
“I have also been given a suspended fine. They rang me three hours before the hearing and told me what time they’d be ringing me for it. I explained I was at work and wouldn’t be able to answer the phone then. They then didn’t ring at all and then fined me and found me guilty of not being available when I should have been, despite them being told three hours earlier that I was unavailable.
“Certainly we’re not happy at all with the situation here and we are currently writing our report and emailing the RFL about it all and explaining our unhappiness. I fully expect a response from the RFL about all this.”