Smith upbeat despite defeat

Brian Smith was far from despondent after Wakefield’s opening day defeat at the hands of Widnes.

However, he did acknowledged that there will need to be improvements in the coming weeks and months.

“There were some obvious disappointments in the game but the plusses outweigh the negatives for today a least.

“I wouldn’t say that in six, eight or 10 weeks’ time, and there’s some stuff we need to fix and can fix.

“The errors in the first half in particular hurt us.

“We did some great things as individuals, and as a group we owned the second half in terms of territory and put lots of pressure on them.

“But they dealt with that significantly better than we did.

“We didn’t make as many errors in the second half, but we were chasing the game and ended up with about a dozen errors in total.

“If we can cut that nearly in half we’ll have a better chance of winning, particularly if we continue to work hard like the guys did today.

“I’m pretty encouraged by most of what happened today, particularly around the new boys.”