Smith wanted control, claims Wakefield chairman

Wakefield Trinity Wildcats chairman Michael Carter has claimed Brian Smith wanted to take over the club.

Smith suddenly quit the Wildcats last week, just nine months after starting in the role.

In the subsequent aftermath, Carter said that he had shared a ‘frosty’ relationship with Smith since Christmas.

And while discussing the context of that further with the Yorkshire Evening Post, Carter claimed Smith was wanting more power.

“He wanted to take over the club, but could not come up with any feasible, written business plan,” he said.

“It was all ‘let me take over the club’. When we asked for some business plans and a written formal offer, there was never one forthcoming.

“If you are making an offer to buy a business you’d expect to see that in writing. He did want to take over the whole place. That was featured in a number of arguments around January time.

“He did want to take over the entire club, but never came up with anything formal in writing. A lot of arguments centred around that.”

Smith had posted on Facebook last week to say he feared for the club’s future.