SOCIAL: English boys get to work with Catalans

Pre-season training is now well underway in Rugby League, with the 2016 season fast approaching (I know, it doesn’t feel like two seconds since the Grand Final, does it?).

But some places are naturally more glamorous, hotter and generally better to train in for the players at this time of year – like Perpignan, for example.

Their two new English signings, Richie Myler and Jodie Broughton, will be more used to running through muddy fields and up hills in the freezing cold at this time of the year – which is probably why they look so happy in their new surroundings.

Catalans posted several images on Twitter of their new squad in pre-season training – and Myler and Broughton certainly look content with where they are.

If you look out of your office or home window today and see the weather in the UK, it’s not hard to see why they’re so happy.