Some advice for Robert Elstone

I’m not sure for how much longer Robert Elstone will remain as Super League Executive Chairman, but so many people are now wanting him out as soon as possible that I suspect he may actually leave the organisation as early as this week, after having given a year’s notice of his intended departure a couple of weeks ago.

So I have some advice for Robert.

He needs a good lawyer, and I would recommend former Hull Kingston Rovers Chairman Neil Hudgell, who has built up his eponymous firm over the years to become a major operator in the legal world.

I’ve long admired Neil for the work he’s done at Hull KR, having revived the club’s fortunes over many years while doing great work to improve the club’s stadium and trying to complete a buy back from the local authority of land that surrounds it, which will hopefully come to fruition soon.

I also admire Neil for the way he dealt with Mose Masoe’s tragic injury last year, and the way he respected Mose’s contract with the club.

Neil’s firm has acted in some high profile cases, often with great success, and the fact that Neil is no longer a director, either of Super League or of Hull KR, means there would be no conflict of interest if he took on Robert’s case.

If Neil were to take on the case, I would love to be a fly on the wall when he negotiates the terms of Robert’s departure from Super League.

Another generation

Billy Thompson was a referee from another era, when referees seemed to referee with giant personalities and strict discipline, and for some reason they all looked older in those days than referees do today.

Billy had a unique style all of his own, and when he was on the field it was difficult to take your eyes off him.

And he carried on like that after retiring as a referee, becoming an after-dinner speaker and keeping audiences in stitches with his tales from the pitch.

Sadly, Billy has now passed away at the age of 87.

I would like to pass on my sincere condolences to his family.

Sosaia Feki

Finally this week, I’d like to extend my sympathy to Sosaia Feki of Castleford Tigers.

I used to love watching Sosaia playing for the Cronulla Sharks, and I was delighted when he joined the Tigers in 2020, anticipating some great tries in front of the main stand at The Jungle.

But sadly that hasn’t happened, as he has been plagued by injury.

Now he has ruptured his Achilles tendon, which is a very serious injury.

I can only wish him the best for a full eventual recovery.

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