Spanish club ready to go

Valencia Huracanes insist they would be ready to enter League 1 almost immediately and club officials believe they have proven they have a model capable of working in the professional game.
The Spanish-based side have already hosted Featherstone in a pre-season friendly this season, and have two more games against League 1 opposition pencilled in subject to Rugby Football League approval.
Their CEO, Dean Buchan, told League Express that he sees no reason why a governing body reportedly keen on expansion would turn away a team with as much to offer as Valencia.
“People ask if the RFL will let us in. My question is why wouldn’t they,” he said.
“Why wouldn’t a pro-expansion organisation want Valencia in, as we’ve offered to grow the game and that is the key.”
Buchan also believed that, logistically speaking, Valencia tick many boxes other expansion teams perhaps cannot.
“I’m not saying we’d be competitive, but we are set up and could literally enter League 1 tomorrow,” he said.
“I’ve got 32 players, I’ve got a manager, a stadium and a consortium. We’ve got a fanbase of 587 people, which is higher than some League 1 clubs.
“What am I missing? Just performance, and that’s why we need this year playing other teams. It’s eight hours across the Atlantic with a six-hour time difference. It’s two hours to fly to Valencia with a one-hour time difference.
“Part-time players won’t need to take time off, fans won’t need to save up, it’s cheap as chips and you can get return flights for 50 euros. Beer is a euro, hotels are dirt cheap.. It’s ready-made. It’s a rugby fan’s dream.”