Stag do over Magic Weekend for Chris Atkin’s dad

Sunday’s Hull derby will be the biggest game in Chris Atkin’s career.

But his dad will not be in attendance for his big day, as he’s taking Atkin’s place at his friend’s stag do!

The Hull KR halfback will be hoping to guide the Robins to victory at this year’s finale, in what will almost certainly be the biggest crowd he’s ever played in front of.

However, neither his friends nor his dad will be there to witness it. Instead, they’ll be watching from abroad while enjoying the high-life in Spain.

But the 25-year-old insists he’ll happily continue to make sacrifices in order to continue his impressive career trajectory.

“It’s one of my good mate’s stag do at the weekend so they’re flying over to Spain somewhere and my dad is going instead of me. They’ll all be enjoying that over the weekend and watching from sunny Spain.

“I knew when he picked the weekend there wasn’t a lot I was going to be able to do. Rugby is a priority now. It’s a little bit disappointing but I can go to the wedding so it’s not too bad.

“In the past I’ve always been able to sacrifice things for rugby and I think that’s why I’ve been able to come up in a short space of time with Hull KR and see the benefits of those sacrifices. I’m not afraid to step out a bit like that, like when the lads say they’re going out for a drink, I’m quite happy to go and drive home after a bit. It’s whatever it takes.”

Atkin is preparing for his second Hull derby and is hellbent on ensuring the Robins come out on top after losing earlier in the year.

“I’m really looking forward to it. We owe them one from when they came to our place and took the win even with 12 men.

“You can tell that it’s derby week, the city is a different place. The fans have got all the gear on all week, they want to show their colours, whether it’s the red or the black. It’s a different feel around the ground and the lads. It’s a case of trying your best to prepare as normal because it is just another game with two points up for grabs, but it does mean that little bit more to you and the fans.

“We’re not that far away, it’s not do or die, we’re only a few wins away from closing that gap. We’re confident if we win Sunday and the week after we’ll be right back in there.”