Why the start of May is so significant in Rugby League’s calendar

Over the weekend the Rugby League season hit a very important date.

As of May 1st, clubs are now allowed to speak to players from other sides that are out of contract at the end of the year.

It is both an exciting and nervy time for fans of all clubs, with potential signings potentially announced at any time going forward, but stars out of contract could also leave just as easily.

While we have seen signings announced already for 2017; Dan Sarginson and Josh Charnley two notable instances, they will have been given permission to discuss terms, but now it really is no holds barred for everyone involved.

Keep an eye out on TotalRL over the next few days for some recruitment features that are certainly worth a read as transfer gossip is set to go into overdrive.

If the season wasn’t exciting enough for you already, it will be now.