Stone bemoans Huddersfield’s tame attack

Huddersfield Giants head coach Rick Stone admitted he felt a number of different emotions following his side’s disappointing defeat to Hull Kingston Rovers.

Despite having large spells of pressure, the Giants failed to capitalise and ultimately failed to deal with the Robins’ right-edge attack.

The 38-6 defeat was a damaging scoreline for the Giants, and Stone was left unimpressed with his side.

“Frustrating, disappointing, a bit angry. There’s a lot of adjectives I could use right now.

“Before I start I’ll give full credit to the opposition. Let’s make sure we recognise that.

“The way the game started and controlled the first 10 minutes it looked good. It doesn’t always follow the script. I don’t buy into the whole disrespecting the opposition thing because anyone can beat anyone in the competition, we’ve seen that convincingly today.

“But when you’re playing at home, in front of your family and friends and your fans and your members, you’ve got to turn up and put in a better performance than that.”

Stone admitted he was concerned by his side’s attacking performance, with the Giants failing to break down the Robins defence.

“We tried to go around them, it wasn’t the night to go around them.

“I just thought we needed to mix things up a little bit. We have struggled, we’ve got plenty of ball in a number of games, I think back to Wakey, I think back to Saints here. We’ve struggled to score down there.

“What’s happened when we haven’t scored is we’ve come a little impatient. We need to come up with a little more variety, granted, and have a little bit more patience, composure and belief to the cause when we get down there.”