Stone concerned with “mentally fragile” Huddersfield

Rick Stone said his side had been schooled after going down 34-12 to Salford.

The Red Evils raced into a 24-0 lead, and although the Giants scored through Nathan Mason and Oliver Roberts, Stone’s side was still comfortably defeated.

After one round of the Qualifiers, the Giants occupy sixth in the table, a spot that would see them relegated if they end the seven-round season there.

“It’s tough to take and we were on the back foot from the start and were left chasing our tails,” Stone said.

“Salford ran and tackled harder than us and were better disciplined. It’s a good lesson in semi-final-style football.

“There’s no doubt we are mentally fragile at the moment and are not defending our line well.

“We will have to change a couple of things but it’s not going to be easy.

“We didn’t show too much willingness to build pressure and made basic errors.”

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