Stone wants Huddersfield to get nasty

Rick Stone believes Huddersfield have been ‘too nice’ this season.

The new Giants chief picked up his first win of the season, as the Giants got their Qualifiers campaign up and running with a resounding 62-16 victory over Featherstone Rovers.

With the Giants moving up to fifth in the Qualifiers after two rounds, Stone now wants to see his team up their intensity going into the final games of the season.

“We need to play better, not just during the next couple of weeks but further down the line,” he said.

“We’re working on a change of mentality and overall our energy, line speed and kick chase looked a lot better.

“I want us to be more physical – I reckon we’ve been too nice in the games that I’ve seen and there’s an aggressive component in the game which you need to be a successful team.

“All of our bench brought some energy to the game today and you need that too.”

The former Newcastle Knights head coach admitted that it was nice to not have the burden of waiting for his first victory on his back going forward.

“It is a bit of a relief for sure,”

“We’ve been close the past couple of games and it was really disappointing how we were outplayed last week so we concentrated on ourselves this week.

“We tried to stick to something pretty simple and the team we played were a bit battered up last week (losing 62-6 to Leeds) but the main thing is to get some wins

“Hopefully we can grab some confidence from that and move on because the best antidote to where we are at the moment is to win some games.”