Super League clubs likely to stick with current competition format

After two board meetings in the last week, understands that the Super League clubs are likely to stick with the current league structure of twelve clubs in Super League, with one club to be relegated and one to be promoted from the Championship.

That was the structure that was agreed to by the clubs at the start of the year, and it now appears that the proposal of RFL Chief Executive Ralph Rimmer to promote two clubs this year for a 14-team competition in 2022, followed by four clubs being relegated at the end of next season, resulting in a 10-team competition in 2023, has not curried favour with the Super League clubs.

Sources have suggested to that there does not appear to be support among the Super League clubs for the idea of moving to ten clubs in Super League, with ten clubs making up what would be titled ‘Super League 2’.

With the money from Sky Sports dropping to around £25 million per year next year, from its current level of £40 million per year, some clubs were concerned about the impact of diluting the share of the income that each club would receive by inviting another two clubs into the competition, even though it would only be for one year.

Last week Super League revealed that the Grand Final will take place on its planned date of 9th October, and that the season would not be extended to allow clubs to complete fixtures that have been postponed so far this season.